TMD Podcast Bonus Episode Victoria Day Long Weekend Tribute to Long Things

Because it's a Long Weekend we decided to do our Longest Show Ever! (other names include Great Moments in Long© and Our Tribute to Longtasticness©) ...

World's longest bike: 135 feet

World's longest sofa: 3300 feet

World's longest big toe: 5 inches

This Week in Bacon #TWIB is about the Longest BLT in the World: 227 feet!

World's longest opera: went from Aug 24th - Sept 19th

World's longest burp: 1 minute 13 seconds!

World's longest cake: 10461 feet

World's longest robe: yet to be set!!! It's just waiting for us to set...

World's longest marathon BBQ: 80 hours!

World's longest sandwich: 2400 feet!

World's longest pizza: 6333 feet long

World's longest applause: 2 hours?!! (set by performance artist Dustin Luke Nelson)

This Week in Dad Jokes #TWIDJ is from Homer Simpson the longest-running TV Dad...

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