TMD PODCAST S2E9 June 4 2018 #lava #vesuvius #fashion #bachelorette #gaming #magic

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Show Notes:
>This Week in Fashion #TWIF The T-Shirt shirt got trending this week... #VEB (very expensive bib)

>This Week in Gaming #TWIG Fortnight game is Biiig!!! and now with Shopping Carts!!! (internet proceeds to freak)

>This Week in TV Talk #TWITVT
Bachelorette is back on TV... ICYMI Becca the Bachelorette got engaged on last year's Bachelor show... then the guy 'Withdrew-his-application-to-marry'© ... this all happened on TV. That's why he's not allowed to go to Minesotta

>*PG13 because: morbid* This Week in Mount Vesuvius #TWIMV
When Mount Vesuvius erupted it was a bad day for the people of Pompeii. I mean, it's a bad day when we run out of Keurig pods in the lunchroom but in Pompeii: way more bad. Archaeologists uncovered this guy (see picture below) and it got trending online this week, partially because people are fascinated by 2000 year-old volcano-related catastrophic events, and partly because: man, what a way to go... like the wicked Witch of the East a lil bit...

They've had to issue a warning to people in Hawaii to try and stop folks from toasting marshmallows over lava...

>THIS WEEK IN SPACE #TWIS Check out the Space Station this weekend... unless you're a truther, then use the time to prove that NASA has been lying to us...

This is a fascinating story that David Copperfield wanted to keep quiet because it reveals some magic secrets... but it ended up in open court... a guy who David Copperfield made vanish sued for damages but that guy isn't gonna get any money... the court ruled that the guy was 100% responsible for his own injuries...
Question: and it's none of my business, just curious... David Copperweave?